Friday, August 24, 2012


Welcome to the LASD iLearn blog site! Here in Los Altos, our district vision is to revolutionize student learning. One step towards that goal is establishing a team of instructional coaches who are available to support and aid staff as they look for new ways to use technology and innovate in their classrooms. Using the TPACK model, our coaching staff consists of a Technology Integration Coach, Ellen Kraska, a STEM Coach, Courtney Cadwell, and an Innovative Strategies Coach, Kami Thordarson. We are very excited to see what impact we can have on our district.

Our goal for this blog is to document our journey. We're hoping to share our thoughts, our breakthroughs, our struggles, and all of the amazing things that we anticipate happening in our classrooms. Join us as we strive to Innovate, Create, and Educate!

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